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The RLG Mission


Organizations are facing a time of unprecedented change at an unimaginable pace.

We at The Realize Leadership Group are connecting our clients with the full breadth of cutting-edge insight and tools necessary to enable success. Our role is to help you RECOGNIZE, REDEFINE, and REALIZE diverse talent necessary to envision your future.


Recruiting for change. Built on best practices and cutting edge research, The Realize Leadership Group Recruitment Services offer a powerful and evidence-based framework for recruitment professionals and those in hiring capacities.


From completely outsourcing your recruitment function to piloting new talent acquisition processes in key departments, learn directly from RLG on how to scale diversity in candidate selection through onboarding by removing in-group favoritism and out-group biases from your talent acquisition strategy. Successful talent acquisition strategies are not one size fits all. As you seek out the resources that you need for your organization’s success, learn what works, what doesn’t and why.


DEI Recruiting Support


Realize Leadership Group Recruiting Certification™


Metrics and Recruiting Reports


Training Workshops


REDEFINING a holistic approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in organizations starts by thinking about strategy. It requires a deeper understanding of the current state of affairs. Today’s workplace environments typically approach stemming the negative effects of bias by establishing talent management structures (e.g., training, policy and procedure). Yet, in the last six decades we still see issues of under representation, harassment in the workplace, and ineffective solutions.


Here at RLG, we explore all aspects of organizational practice (i.e. hiring, compensation, succession-planning, mentorship, performance management, employee engagement, etc.). We collaborate with our clients to assess where they are today and identify where they aspire to be tomorrow. Please reach out to learn more about our:


Culture & Climate Assessments


Culture Transformation Approaches


Organizational Development Interventions


REALIZING change requires looking at the individuals responsible for any change effort. From the board room to individual teams, RLG designs customized experiences meant to build awareness and equip individuals driving inclusive culture. We are here to create scalable learning solutions with identifiable metrics that address your strategic needs. Our approach focuses on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of bias. Solutions include:


Virtual & In-person Workshops


Tiered- Leadership Development Programs


Executive Coaching


Pre & Post-Session Assessments

Solutions for all

President and Founder of Realize Leadership Group, Dr. Thomas, has proven in her latest research that we can do more! In fact, her work suggests that there are psycho-social factors (e.g. empathy, compassion, etc.) that can impact implicit bias in organizations. For example, as seen in SHRM Article, Advancing Racial Equity In The Workplace the power of inclusive conversations starts with empathic perspective taking. The Realize Leadership Group framework for training is born out of this groundbreaking research. We are challenging popular misconceptions one client at a time.

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