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Dr. Carla Thomas (She/Her/They)

Dr. Carla Thomas (She/Her/They/Them) is the President and Founder of The Realize Leadership Group. She is passionate about improving dialogues across difference while pushing the boundaries of practical organizational development approaches that create more empathetic  and inclusive environments.

My Story

Dr. Carla Thomas (She/Her/They/Them) is President of The Realize Leadership Group, a consultancy that specializes in diversity & inclusion services and has worked with Clients ranging from higher education to global fortune 500 organizations in sectors that including, but not limited to: Higher Education, Technology, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Retail, and Wholesale Consumer Goods.


Carla currently sits on several Advisory boards including a federal appointment to the  United States Education for Seapower, Saint Joseph’s University’s Organizational & Leadership Development graduate program as well as The University of Pennsylvania’s Chief Learning Officer doctorate program. She is an active member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Organizational Development Network, and the Inclusion Allies Coalition.


They utilizes her consultative skills to address diversity & inclusion through an organizational development lens. Her expertise includes facilitation, research, and design in:


Culture Transformation

Psychometric Assessment

Organizational Change Management

Evidence-based Interventions

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Strategic Planning

Organizational Effectiveness

Talent Acquisition Strategies



A graduate of Vanderbilt University and Saint Joseph’s University, Carla completed her doctorate at The University of Pennsylvania. Her research explores psychosocial factors that mitigate the negative effects of implicit bias in the workplace. She is committed to improving dialogues across difference while pushing the boundaries of practical and measurable approaches to create more inclusive environments.

Dr. Thomas is a sought-after guest lecturer and keynote speaker. Having traveled locally and nationally teaching seminars, facilitating workshops, and giving talks to individuals – ranging from student forums to leadership staff training of large organizations, she speaks on topics at the intersection of socio-psychology, organizational behavior, and group dynamics.


Her expertise spans organizational development, diversity, equity & inclusion, empathy, mitigating bias, and the workplace.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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